8Stem The Music Mixing App of the Future

8Stem The Music Mixing App of the Future


Sub Pop Records co-founder Bruce Pavitt and music producer Adam Farish, the man behind Nirvana found the App that will change the face of music listening once again?

Flip and find out about a new App that was discovered by Sub Pop Records co-founder Bruce Pavitt and music producer Adam Farish…

8Stem The Music Mixing App of the Future

CelebNTech247.com has the latest on 8Stem, a NEW APP that lets you become your inner Calvin Harris!

It’s pretty amazing!

This inventive new app called 8Stem that allows you to do so many things to a song it’s mind-blowing!

You can remix songs – removing guitar, cutting up keyboards, even adding vocals – post them to Spotify and Apple Music, and while you get your name out there on social media, the original artist gets the streaming royalties.

8Stem is said to be the next Instagram says Pavitt to DS.

Here is what he had to say about his 8Stem App:

“Instagram has simplified the manipulation of photos in a super easy way. We’re doing the same thing with music.”

Farish, whose vision inspired the creation of the app said:

“My greatest joy is bringing people into the studio and showing them how music works. When I got my first iPhone, it seemed like eventually they’d have enough horsepower to deliver a different listening experience for just regular people that’s a baby step closer to a producer’s experience.”

Right now, it’s only available on the App Store at the moment, but it’s coming to Android soon. The other cool thing about the App is that you can download 8Stem for free and act as producer, remixing the songs available by playing around with the stems.

Farish believes that the vast majority of commercial music will soon be released in a way that’s interactive, and as Pavitt points out, “we’re now in an era of customisation. Fine-tuning and personalising things is the new norm.”

Download it now and start mixing like Calvin Harris!

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