Why The Amazon Echo Is The Must Have For 2016

Why The Amazon Echo Is The Must Have For 2016


When it comes to great new gadgets in technology we have to tell you Why The Amazon Echo Is The Must Have For 2016!

Flip and find out why the Amazon Echo is so great….

You’ve seen the Amazon Echo commercials with Alec Baldwin and the voice assistant that sits in your house waiting for you to call out her name Alexa.

What makes the Amazon Echo so Awesome?

It’s portable
It’s Battery operated
It’s voice activated
And it’s personalized to my specs

The Amazon Echo is like having your very own personal assistant. It’s not like Echo is going to serve you dinner, but Alexa can order it for you. The Echo can also call you and Uber and more.

The Amazon Echo is helping to make life just a little easier for you, while helping you search movie times, music, trivia, TV scheduals and more.

Don’t have time to click and Ap?

Then turn to The Amazon Echo, Alexa is your own personal assistant like Siri in many ways, but Siri is for you iPhone and Alexa is for you home.

Why The Amazon Echo Is The Must Have For 2016

Here are the newest features The Amazon Echo offers:

In exchange for this, you get Alexa. All the timer-setting, weather-knowing, score-reporting, shopping-list-keeping, Spotify-playing, Uber-calling, pizza-ordering goodness that is Alexa. As long as you’re connected to Wi-Fi, the Tap can do anything the Echo can. (As long as you remember to press that button.) The Wi-Fi is the trick, though; since it connects to the Internet directly and not through your phone, the Tap needs to be set up all over again every time you get to a new place with a new network. You can always tether the Tap to your phone, which is bad for phone battery life but by far the most seamless experience. Otherwise, you’ll spend three minutes setting up everywhere you go—friend’s house, work, Airbnb. You can use the speaker through Bluetooth anywhere, but the Alexa features only work when the Tap has Wi-Fi.

Once it’s set up, even if you just want music, the Tap is a great party guest. It won’t drop the connection if your phone walks out of the room, for one thing. Finding music is easy; now that Alexa integrates with Spotify, you can play any of its great playlists, search for songs, anything. And the button-press thing is actually a win in a crowd: the Echo loves to hear the “Alexa” wake word when you’re not saying it, and not having false-positives during a party is a really nice thing. It sucks when I’m in the kitchen, a room away, and my hands are dirty, but that’s what the Echo’s for. – Wired

The Echo does have a far smaller vocabulary than Siri or Google Now. Here is an example of a head-to-head test of voice assistants, the Echo could perform stunts like these:

“Alexa, play Coldplay.” Ask for any band, song, album, genre, or even activity (“play some cooking music”), and the music just starts. (If, that is, you’ve properly set up an Amazon Prime, Pandora, or iHeartRadio account.)
“Alexa, play WCBS.” You can also request any radio station in the country.
“Alexa, what’s the news?” Alexa plays NPR’s latest headline summary.
“Alexa, how’s the traffic?” Once you’ve entered your home and work addresses in the phone app, Alexa can tell you how long your commute will be.
“Alexa, what’s the weather in Dallas this weekend?” As you’d expect.
“Alexa, read ‘The Casual Vacancy.’” If you buy audio books from Audible, the Echo begins reading your most recent purchase out loud.
“Alexa, wake me up at 7:20 a.m.” The Echo is rock-solid on alarms and timers.
“Alexa, how far is it from Chicago to Tampa?” She’ll convert units, give you historical or geographical facts, calculate the days of the week for dates, fill you in on movie and music trivia, and on and on.
“Alexa, when do the Giants play next?” She’s up on major sports schedules and teams.
“Alexa: Wikipedia ‘The Rolling Stones.’” She reads the first couple of lines from the corresponding Wikipedia entry.
“Alexa, put nutmeg on my shopping list.” She can put things onto a shopping list that’s maintained in the Echo app on your phone. Same thing with To Do items.
“Alexa, reorder cat food.” You can buy stuff by voice — as long as you’ve previously bought them from Amazon.
“Alexa, how do you spell fluorescent?” She can spell or define any word.
“Alexa, turn off the living room lights.” The Echo can control home-automation gear from Wink, Belkin, and Philips (that is, the Philips Hue light bulbs).
“Alexa, when’s my next appointment?” She’ll tell you what’s on your Google calendar, once you’ve provided the Echo app with your Google account details.
“Alexa, tell me a joke.” She’s always good for a short, painful pun or two. (“Here’s a tip: If you have a fear of elevators, take steps to avoid them.”)

Watch this video from Yahoo on The Amazon Echo and its features:


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