Battlefield 1 Beta Now Live

Battlefield 1 Beta Now Live


Great news for all you Battlefield 1 fans, the Beta is now live for play, so what are you waiting for, get to gaming!!!

Flip and get the details on Battlefield 1…

Battlefield 1 Beta Now Live just got word that Battlefield 1 is ready for gaming. The Beta is now live, so here is your Troop address!

Dearest comrades, the time has come for tens of thousands of players to charge into battle for King and country. The battle beta has begun, now listen to your orders carefully.

PS4 Battalion, your task is a simple one, you can either navigate to this link, or simply head to the PlayStation Store and search for “Battlefield 1”.

Battlefield 1 Beta Now Live

Xbox One Battallion, your objective can be found at this location, or, once again, by searching the store and finding the “Battlefield 1 Open Beta”.

PC Battalion, you must make the ultimate sacrifice, you must… install the Origin client. We know it’s a heavy price to pay, but to reach your goal it must be endured. Once you have it in your grasp, flip through to the free games section and the day shall be yours. Tally ho!

EA announced that PS4 owners who do not have Playstation Plus will still be able to experience the online beta for Battle.

The statement was made via Twitter…

Battlefield 1 Beta Now Live

The beta will begin August 31st across all platforms.

Battlefield 1 photos:

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