brain drone

Brain Drone: The Future of Drones


Neuroscientists are continually working to advance drone technology and the Brain Drone has evolved into the future with a new edge!!!

Get the details on what the brain drone can do on the flip…

brain drone

With recent development in detecting and interpreting the electrical signals from the brain drone may be the new wave tech.

The brain drone can even help people who are quadriplegics and Paralyzed individuals may have brighter futures.

Doesn’t the brain drone sound promising?

Gizmag reports new advancements:

Earlier this month it enabled a quadriplegic man to bypass the spinal cord and handle everyday objects using his thoughts. One earlier example saw a paralyzed man regain voluntary leg movement.

It was also reported that:

By fitting users with Electroencephalogram (EEG) caps, researchers have been able to translate brain signals into control commands for a variety of drones. They hope that as the technology advances, it will allow disabled people to control not just drones, but devices like wheelchairs and artificial limbs, as well.

It appears that the future of drones with be navigated by our minds controlling movement, directions and who knows what. Overall, the future for what drones can do for paralyzed individuals is mind-blowing on its own. Don’t you agree?

Could you imagine a drone doing whatever you thought about? It’s like being able to do magic with your mind.

Doesn’t it sound weird?

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