CityAirbus Taxi's Launching in 2018, Are You Ready

CityAirbus Taxi Launching in 2018, Are You Ready


Another step into the future will be the Airbus, which will be putting its flying taxi in the air next year. Yes, CityAirbus Taxi.

The news of the CityAirbus Taxi fly. They’ve been confirmed by CityAirbus chief engineer Marius Bebesel this week. Read on… has the latest tech news on the on schedule CityAirbus that can carry up to 4 passangers to any destination.

If you’ve seen the movie The 6th Man, then it may help since the Arnold Schwarzenegger film uses self flying taxi’s in it.

Are you ready for the CityAirbus Taxi? OMG, this is so cool and so crazy all at the same time.

CityAirbus conducted successful ground tests of the electric power system it’s using to propel the vehicle through the air.

What can the CityAirbus Taxi craft do?

Well the CityAirbus Taxi is a vertical take-off and landing craft that uses a four rotor design. It would be able to take up to four passengers on short flights in dense urban areas. The focus would be to connect  major transportation hubs including train stations and airports.

Here is the crazy part while flying in the air. CityAirbus is designed to be pilot operated at launch, but to eventually transition to being a fully autonomous vehicle once the tech catches up.

CNBC reports:

“The CityAirbus Taxi is aiming to operate the craft along fixed, predetermined routes, with top air speeds of around 80 mph. They’ll be able to skip over the traffic that can dramatically increase travel times entering and exiting busy city transit points, which would theoretically also help alleviate ground congestion.

Short hop flights are also an ideal application of battery electric tech, since that’s all that vehicles will be able to manage using fully electric power sources in the near-term. Plus, battery unit swapping or autonomous dock charging could help make it easier to make these vehicles fully self-flying in the future.”

Will you be riding in a CityAirbus?

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