FIRST LOOK at The Conjuring House Game

FIRST LOOK at The Conjuring House Game


Are you ready to be completely scared beyond all belief? If so, then The Conjuring House Game is everything you have dreamed of!!!

Flip and checkout The Conjuring House game heading your way in 2017…

FIRST LOOK at The Conjuring House Game has your first look at The Conjuring House video game that is nothing nice. The house is filled with dusty windows, closed shutters, and everything is covered with cobwebs.

It’s that house everyone tells you its haunted and not to go in. Well this is that house. The old House from 30s, which was once beautiful is now surrounded in moldy walls as you hear deep and strange noises coming from it.

It’s dark, musty and really creepy. It gives you chills as chair move, object appear, and dark shadows lurk in the corners. you think that it is sound of the wind knocking in the abandoned house! Or maybe your head playing tricks on you..

Nothing indicates that the place is dangerous. You remember the legends that surround this house, disappearances and terrible stories.. You try to convince yourself that these are just legends. Pushed by curiosity, you are about to enter because you’re a brave person who’s not afraid of these children’s stories. You move slowly towards the house.. Noise stop, the door got opened.. Heartbeats got faster till it can be heard..

You know you should have listened to your friends NOT to go in, but its too late. You need to find a way out, but will you?

There is no turning back… so you remember NOT to yell out, “whose there?” or any other cliche questions when alone in a possessed home.

Take a chance, and take a look. Then ask yourself, will you be playing this game?

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