Deadmau5 Launching Virtual Reality Game


These days everyone is getting into the game and now EDM master Deadmau5 Launching Virtual Reality Game!!!

Flip and get more details on Deadmau5 Virtual Reality Game…

Deadmau5 Virtual Reality Game-1 has just learned that Deadmau5, born Joel Zimmerman, has teamed up with bosses at Absolut Labs to create Absolut Deadmau5.

What we are hearing is that Absolut Deadmau5 will be an interactive virtual reality gaming experience. Users will be able to hop in the driver’s seat and take the “Raise Your Weapon” DJ from his car to a live performance of his new song Saved.

The EDM DJ released this statement in regards to the announcement of “The Veldt” DJ’s game by Absolut Labs:

“It’s no secret I’m a huge gamer.”

“Video games have always played a major role in my life. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to create my own VR gaming experience, especially when it meant I could bring a broad set of fans on an interactive journey alongside me and share my music with them in a whole new way.”

If you love the “Strobe” DJ then this is a dream come true for gamers. We wonder it he will add his music to the game. We would imagine so since that could open the opportunity to create a soundtrack for the game to sell separately.

Thoughts? Would you buy this game?


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