Deus Ex GO: The MUST HAVE Mobile Game

Deus Ex GO: The MUST HAVE Mobile Game


When it comes to new mobile games there is new one that will blow you away! Deus Ex GO: The MUST HAVE Mobile Game!!!

Flip and find out why Deus Ex GO is Tthe MUST HAVE Mobile Game of summer…

Deus Ex GO: The MUST HAVE Mobile Game has the latest on Square Enix Montreal came along and span some magic, creating perfect touchscreen adaptations of two of Square Enix’s biggest IPs.

Who knew that Hitman or Tomb Raider could translate so well to mobile platforms?

Hitman GO offered a clever boardgame/chess-inspired rendition of Agent 47’s adventures with minimalistic, almost clinical, visuals and effective swipe gameplay. Then Lara Croft GO managed to successfully translate the tomb-raiding, puzzle-solving antics of our hot pants-wearing heroine to the mobile screen.

Now, Deus Ex GO uses a simple tap and swipe control scheme, but this time instead of the 90-degree turns of Lara Croft Go or Hitman Go, Deus Ex GO uses a hexagonal structure for its boards, meaning you’ll often have more than one successful route around a level. But also, that structure means you’ll have to be more on your toes when it comes to enemies.

Like the main Deus Ex series, including the upcoming Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, the gameplay is focused on Adam Jensen’s augmentations and the high-tech future the series is set in.

To pass through each level you’ll need to trigger temporary bridges and panels, hack turrets and other techy bypasses. But you’ll also need to make use of Jensen’s augmentations, such as his cloak that allows him to turn invisible for two moves, allowing him to bypass security. Or there’s the shock wave that allows you to temporarily incapacitate a turret for a couple of moves.

But there’s a catch. You can’t use these skills whenever you want. You’ll need to collect a power-up for a one-use augmentation, which adds another layer of logic to each of the level’s puzzles.

Playing through a few levels at a preview event for the game made us quickly realise it’s got the same addictive quality as the other GO titles. Puzzles are much more complicated from the off than they were in the previous two games, but that’s certainly not a dampener for the gameplay. Hopefully it means the game lasts a little longer than Hitman GO or Lara Croft GO, both of which were a little on the short side.

Thankfully it’s just as well put together as the previous games too. Its art style is very high tech, yet minimalistic, with the main colour scheme being black, white and gold. The mobile game is perfection.

Deus Ex GO release date: Summer 2016

Available on: Android and iOS (tested)

Developer: Square Enix Montreal

Publisher: Montreal

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