Game Block Wars

The Game Block Wars Mobile App Launching Soon


Did you hear, West Coast rapper The Game Blocks Wars is pulling a Kardashian move and Launching Block War Mobile App!!!

Get all the details on the new mobile app, from The Game Block Wars on the flip…

Game Block Wars has just learned that The Game Block Wars Mobile App Launching Soon and is set to cash in on millions!

Here is what TMZ has to say on the The Game Block Wars Mobile App Launching Soon:

Game stars as the hood boss in his hometown mobile app, but there are plans to expand the game to include an East Coast vs. West Coast war.

Game’s game is set to drop sometime this summer and it’ll be free. In-app purchases — for weapons, cars, goons, etc. — will range from 99 cents to $99.

The creator of the critically acclaimed The Documentary 2.5 album has been posting about The Game Block Wars on his Instagram page.

“Proud to announce I am the new [Atari] ambassador and we have big things coming for my fans and Atari fans across the world in 2016!!!!,” wrote Game in one IG post’s caption. “Our first project is our mobile game and app Block Wars in collaboration with the creators [IM3 Gaming Studios].”

Check out the images of the new Game Block Wars app that is going to show people life in the hood, or, well, give them a false sense of things. Yes there are block wars, but this game unfortnately may encourage weak minds to simulate the game. We hope not. Just play the game and keep the violence off the street.

Take a loook:

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