Gaymoji, The New Way to Speak on Grindr

Gaymoji, The New Way to Speak on Grindr


Are you a Grindr user? Do you have problems saying what’s on your mind when talking to hot guys you want to get to know more? Wink Wink!

Well, for all you vocally impaired men, there is a new way you can express your desires, fetishes, cravings, THOTS, and hungers when craving man meat. Gaymoji, the new Way to speak on Grindr! Read on…

Gaymoji, The New Way to Speak on Grindr

“Into escapology” are shaking our heads at this, but we know there will be plenty of men gay or on the DL using the Gaymoji!

Not satisfied with heralding a new era of online dating and sexy times between gay men, Grindr has the solution for you! Grindr just launched (March 15) its own take on emoji: with Gaymoji.

Gaymoji, The New Way to Speak on Grindr

“Hangry and sweaty”

There are over 500 Gaymoji’s for you thirst traps, subservient, man hungry fiends to tell a man what you’re all about. The Gaymoji’s are all specifically targeted at gay dating and communicating those ideas, thoughts and feelings which our nimble fingers are otherwise forced to type

Grindr Creative Director Landis Smithers said:

“Our users already use emojis as shorthand. We wanted to have some fun and create a new language for everyone, not only Grindr users, to enjoy.”

Gaymoji are divided into six categories: Mood, Profile, Body, Dating + Sex, Objects and Holiday. Grindr has kindly released a smattering of these, which we’ve interpreted for those who may be unfamiliar with the specific ideas or terms.

Take a look at just some of your Gay-emoji choices:

Gaymoji are available within the Grindr iOS app to all users for free.

The six categories can also be made available within other apps, via the freestanding Gaymoji app on the App Store and Play Store. A hundred of the Gay emoji can be used for free, but unlocking the full 500 will require a payment of $3.99.

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