Go Pro Cameras Have a Drone

Go Pro Cameras Have a Drone


Go Pro Cameras have been growing and fulfilling consumer needs for filming sports. Creator, Nick Woodman, first identified the problem while on a surf to Australia in 2002!!!

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Go Pro Cameras Have a Drone

GoPro has provided us with many different varieties of mounting brackets that attach to cubical cameral helmets to dog collars and much more.

They have revolutionized the way some sports can truly catch the action with cubical cameral helmets!

Go Pro’s new mount is a drone that was released in September. It can be purchased alone for $800 and is called the Karma. If you want it all, you can buy the Karma (drone) and the GoPro Black5 camera for $1100. It appeared that ground broke for a short week with consumers thinking this was awesome.

According to Yahoo Tech, the Karma’s features seemed to be unique and point on with:

Arms that fold up. A backpack that holds everything. A remote with a brilliant touchscreen, so you don’t have to use your phone as a screen. A companion app that lets a second person operate the camera while you operate the drone. And a stabilizer that pops out of the drone and attaches to a handheld electronic stick, so that you can get equally steady footage on foot.

Unfortunately, the excitement was short lived as the DJI Mavic Pro has a similar drone that is smarter and more powerful with a cheaper price tag than the Karma. The Mavic beats the Karma at $750 when your phone is used as a screen and it has a controller that is $1000.

Go Pro Cameras review:

The Mavic flies much longer on a charge than the Karma (27 minutes vs. 19). It can fly much farther from you without losing signal (4 miles vs. a puny 0.6 miles). It can fly faster (40 mph vs. 35). It’s much lighter (1.6 pounds vs. 2.2).

In addition, they added:

The Mavic’s intelligence features make the Karma look like a relic from 2014. It has front-facing sensors that prevent collisions. It has down-facing sensors that let it hold position indoors, where GPS is unavailable. Who is going to use it indoors? The Mavic has “follow-me” mode and GoPro does not. – Yahoo Tech

It appears the GoPro left out the biggest feature that consumers want and missed the goal. We will have to see if they make modifications and upgrades to match up to the competition.

What do you think?

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