HoloLens Provide Virtual Furniture at Home

HoloLens Provide Virtual Furniture at Home


Minority Report predicted our future and no one saw it coming. Have you ever purchased furniture on-line and when you get it, the furniture does not work in your home?

Find out what HoloLens provide virtual furniture at home…

HoloLens Provide Virtual Furniture at Home

Now, you can virtually see what furniture would look like in your home and know exactly if it is right for you. We find that to be an awesome idea!

We’re getting closer to Minority Report. Remember the glasses that Tom Cruise wears when figuring out who the killer is in the film. The movie came out in 2002, and now 14 years later its becoming a reality. They have self driving cars and HoloLens. We guess that movie was out future.

What Microsoft HaloLens does!

HoloLens were announced by Microsoft when they recently had their Windows 10 event. It is a new and revolutionary way to see how the furniture will look in your home before you buy it.

HoloLens Provide Virtual Furniture at Home

According to Popsci.com:

The new software for the HoloLens, an augmented reality (AR) headset, allows users to browse the Web with hand gestures and view virtual 3-D objects in real-world environments. In combination, these features let you shop online and preview furniture in your living room before you buy it. Microsoft calls this augmented reality experience, in which 3-D holograms overlay your real physical environment, “mixed reality.”

They went on to share:

Beyond AR, the new update also enables more immersive virtual reality experiences. The holographic app HoloTour allows users to immerse themselves in visually rich environments, transporting wearers to virtual landscapes such as the Pantheon in Rome. This is so exciting!

These snazzy new features blur the lines between augmented and virtual reality. With its wide field of view and transparent display, the HoloLens can act as an AR and a VR headset.

With new technology seems to come a hefty price. Yes, the HoloLens come it at $3000! This does not sound like a logical purchase just to see what your furniture will look like in your home before you buy it. Well, Microsoft is smart and knows that the price is too high for most consumers. They revealed that they are opening to third-party manufacturers. They expect that non-Microsoft headsets will be eventually available as low as $299 and that they will be able to run the HoloLens software. By 2017, this will be more affordable to all.

Do you think that you would want to see furniture in your home before your purchase it?

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