Are you Ready for the iHome Vanity Speaker Mirror


Are you ready for the iHome Speaker Mirror? Getting ready in the morning has just gotten better as the iHome Speaker Mirror is here!!!

Get more details on the iHome Speaker Mirror on the flip…

iHome Speaker Mirror

The new speaker mirror has a double sided vanity mirror with Bluetooth audio and speaker phone playback.

It even has a USB outlet for charging whatever music player you choose. It sounds like the perfect way to put on your make-up and not miss a beat.
The iHome vanity speaker mirror was intentionally made to be elegant by its New Jersey based company.

This is what we have learned from Digital Trends:

The speaker mirror includes a 250 lux full spectrum LED lighting, 1x and 7x magnification dual-sided mirror, an auxiliary input port, and a 1 amp USB charging port — in addition to its Bluetooth capability. Depending on a customer’s preferred of mirror size, iHome offers the Vanity Mirror Speaker in 6-inch ($100) and 9-inch ($150) varieties.

Some other great features include a rechargeable battery that lasts up to four hours when fully charged and a power-saving timer which turns of the LED light not in use. One of my favorite features is that you can take hands-free phone calls. There are buttons so you can control volume, answer or hang up calls.

I first heard of this new innovation on the Wendy Show and it caught my eye immediately. I know I want one.

What do you think of the iHome Speaker Mirror?


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