The iRobot Era is Here; Are You Ready for AI

The iRobot Era is Here; Are You Ready for AI


Everything we know or knew about the tech landscape is about to be obliterated! Yes, we’re talking the iRobot era is here, but are you ready for AI?!?

Flip and find out more about the iRobot Era aka AI (Artificial Intelligence)…

The iRobot Era is Here; Are You Ready for AI has a new report on Artificial Intelligence and the impact of related technologies, including machine learning, deep learning and neural networks.

A new report on the evolution of man and technology is changing the face of the world as we know it. Our question is, “will it help to reverse global warming?”

Time will tell, but man’s hunger for more and thirst for the next new thing is ever growing and technology is quickly changing as we speak. The day when you could buy a laptop and it lasting 3 years is becoming obsolete, since new devices are popping up by the minute on down to the second. Everyone is trying to out do the next and in a competitive market tech is a ever so prosperous property.

People line up just to buy a cellphone. Who would have seen that back in 1980? We’ve gone from walkie talkie style cellphones to flips and now smart, but it changing again. Now people want smart cars and smart homes. What’s next you ask? AI (Artificial Intelligence).

Are you ready for the  iRobot Era?

We are stepping into the next phase of technology weather you like it or not. From everyday devices like PCs and smartphones, to media companies like Facebook, to smart home security services, to connected cars and even to medical diagnostics, the influence of AI is growing rapidly.

Not only is it changing the products and services we use, it’s dramatically reshaping the technical infrastructure behind cloud-based services ranging from web searching to communications bots to personalized advertising (unfortunately!) and much more.
Driving improvements in AI performance is also becoming a key motivating factor for product developments and strategic partnerships. In fact, it seems like virtually all the biggest news-related announcements from tech vendors now have some kind of AI-related angle.

On the semiconductor side, for example, nVidia, AMD, Intel, Qualcomm and many others are focused on creating chips and software that can drive massive improvements in deep learning in large data centers. At this week’s SC16 supercomputing conference, for example, nVidia talked about its efforts on the Cancer Moonshot, a project it’s working on with the National Cancer Institute and the US Department of Energy to deliver a decade of advances in cancer research in just five years thanks to GPU-driven AI applications.

AMD unveiled a new partnership with Google for using its latest GPUs in Google’s Compute Engine and Cloud Machine Learning services, as well as enhancements to its open-source AI-focused Radeon Open Compute Platform (ROCm).

In the world of media, Facebook just announced that it’s planning to leverage AI to help combat its problem with fake news stories. In the devices world, Apple has talked about its AI efforts to help make Siri smarter about your needs and interests, while still maintaining privacy. Google, meanwhile, is leveraging AI to build up a whole range of services that are both more contextually aware of the environments you might find yourself in, as well as personally aware of the specific ways you like to use them.

Are we ready for the onslaught of AI? What the iRobot Era means!

Sure, it’s easy to get excited about the possibilities that AI and related technologies offer, but there can be downsides as well, particularly regarding privacy.

We won’t be able to be off the grid. Homeland security will know your every move. Facebook is already tracking every one and where they are. With AI, this takes it a step further.

What people are NOT realizing is the basics. AI will soon replace basic jobs, 7/11 cashiers, Fast food servers, gas station attendants, toll bridge employees,  janitors, and every job that most every one hates to do. What does that mean for people? A lot of people will be out of work and unemployed. Yes, all those starter jobs for kids in school or people who didn’t finish high school or had no direction will be broke. There won’t be anyone to help pay their bills so poverty will increase. The rich will get richer and the middle class be fade away.

AI sounds cool, but the world as we know is quickly becoming the past. The nostalgic moments of growing up and working and In N Out will be gone just like Record stores and Blockbusters, the cooler kid spots to work.

All that will be left is waiter jobs, but then again, who needs a waiter when AI is here. Yup the iRobot era is basically going to fuck some shit up!

Nevertheless, as the AI era dawns around us, it’s best to be prepared for a wide range of potential outcomes, with the knowledge that there are bound to be few unpleasant bumps along the way.

So, once again are you ready for the iRobot era to start? You basically don’t have a choice in the matter. Make you money now, especially before AI replaces you.


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