New Xbox One S Bundles On Sale Soon

New Xbox One S Bundles On Sale Soon


You no longer have to hold your breathe because the New Xbox One S Bundles On Sale Soon…Yes life is going to be that much greater!!!

Flip and get all the details on the new Xbox One S Bundles going on Sale Soon…

New Xbox One S Bundles On Sale Soon has learned first hand that Gamescom, Microsoft has announced two new Xbox One S bundles will be headed to stores next month.

Here is what was announced at a press conference:

The bundles, which feature 500GB and 1TB of memory respectively, will come with FIFA 17 and 1 month of EA access.

The two options start at $299 (500GB) go up from there to (1TB) and can be pre-ordered from participating retailers from later on today. CHECKOUT the site HERE…

Microsoft then proceeded to announce that they had put that particular model out to pasture permanently, leaving some to wonder how long they would have to wait for more units to go on sale.

New Xbox One S Bundles On Sale Soon

We’re sat in the front row at Gamescom to bring you the latest updates as the week progresses, so watch this space for more scoops.

Tis the season…already, so get Christmas shopping done early…start today, or wait for the sale soon.

Will you be buying the new Xbox One S Bundles?

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