Goodbye Human Pizza Delivery, Hello Domino's Aerial Drone Delivery

Goodbye Human Pizza Delivery, Hello Dominos Aerial Drone Delivery


Yes, the first official aerial drone pizza delivery has happened. Dominos Pizza, the world’s second-largest franchised pizza chain, has successfully carried out the world’s first commercial delivery of food via drone!!!

Find out the details of the first official Dominos pizza aerial drone delivery on the flip…

Goodbye Human Pizza Delivery, Hello Domino's Aerial Drone Delivery

We guess we can scratch out pizza delivery jobs for humans in the next few years, because aerial drone delivery will be replacing humans.

A couple months ago, Chipotle Mexican Grill teamed up with Google’s Project Wing drone delivery service at Virginia Tech to test things out. And, well, it looks like Dominos joined forces with drone delivery service Flirtey to deliver its first order.

A peri-peri chicken pizza as well as a chicken and cranberry pizza was delivered to a customer in Whangaparaoa, roughly 25km north of Auckland in New Zealand.

We are NOT ready for this. Are you? We know it sounds cool, but people need jobs, NOT drones. All this cool tech is slowly replacing humans. We hope everyone realizes this.

As for, Domino, revealed that the Flirtey DRU Drone was controlled autonomously via GPS, was overseen by a team of aerial drone experts as well as a qualified and experienced pilot.

Huh? if you ask us, stick to pizza delivery guys and girls. High school and college students need jobs while in school. Plus the drone needed a qualified and experienced pilot and aerial drone experts? What a waste on money for Domino’s.

Domino’s Group GEO and managing director, Don Meij, said that the historic flight came following a number of operational and product trials.

The executive said they invested in the technology and partnership with Flirtey because they believe drone delivery will be an essential component of their pizza deliveries, allowing even more customers to receive the freshest, hottest pizza they can offer.

Few would argue that aerial drones have a bright future ahead although the capacity in which they’ll be utilized isn’t yet clear as legal red tape continues to curb innovation. – TechSpot


We have two questions. What’s up with the drone pad? And what if its raining or storming outside? Does that mean our pizza will be left out in the rain? Drones are STUPID!

We don’t know about you, but we don’t see the point in areal drones. They’re just going to congest our skies for material needs and food? People get out of your homes and drive to get a pizza that is half the fun. Getting out of the house with friends and family.


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