5 Sickest PlayStation Virtual Reality Games

5 Sickest PlayStation Virtual Reality Games


The future of video games is going virtual, virtual reality that is! With virtual officially reached the consoles Sony’s PlayStation VR is extremely comfortable and reasonably priced. But games are worth the buck???

Flip and find out 5 of the Sickest PlayStation Virtual Reality Games…

5 Sickest PlayStation Virtual Reality Games

CelebNTech247.com has 5 of the sickest PlayStation VR games that are loaded with lots of interesting visuals, despite the lack of killer apps.

With Christmas just around the corner, which ones should you buy? To help you decide what’s what, We’ve put together this list of the eight PSVR games worth considering. Even though some of them may not have the best graphics they are still worth playing.

Virtual Reality Games are the next gene of gaming, are you ready? While some of us still love doing things in real life and real time, this is for the gamers who live life in their home.

Here are the 5 Sickest Virtual Reality Games for PlayStation

“Rez Infinite” ($30)

Rez Infinite – the VR setting makes it incredibly immersive. It gets better the more you play it, too; unlock the amazing Area X mode and you’ll find yourself flying, shooting and bobbing your head to some of the trippiest visuals yet seen in VR.

It’s terrifyingly spectacular…are you ready for Thumper?

“Thumper” ($20)

“Thumper” is, well, a violent rhythm game that’s also a gorgeous, unsettling and totally captivating assault on the senses. With simple controls and a straightforward premise – click the X button and the analog stick in time with the music as you barrel down a neon highway — it’s one of the rare games that works equally well both in and out of VR.

“Until Dawn: Rush of Blood” ($20)

Are you ready to get freaked out, scared and unable to sleep at night?

Then checkout “Until Dawn”, it was a breakout hit for the PS4 last year, channeling the classic “dumb teens in the woods” horror trope into an effective interactive drama. Well, forget all that if you fire up “Rush of Blood,” because this one sticks you front and center on a rollercoaster ride from Hell. Literally. You ride through a dimly-lit carnival of terror, dual-wielding pistols as you take down targets, hideous pig monsters and, naturally, maniac clowns. Be warned: If the bad guys don’t get you, the jump scares will.

“RIGS: Mechanized Combat League” ($50)

“RIGS” marries the thrill of fast-paced competitive shooters with the insanity of piloting a giant mech in VR. It can, however, be one of the barfier PSVR games. So pack your Dramamine, you’re going to have to ease yourself into this one.

“Batman Arkham VR” ($20)

With a mirrored reflection of Rocksteady Games’and impressive Dark Knight character model. It lacks the action of its fellow “Arkham” games and runs disappointingly short, but it’s a high-quality experience that really shows off how powerfully immersive VR can be.

What do you think Virtual Reality Games?

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