Pokémon Go Tips and Tricks

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Are you addicted to Pokémon Go? Are you looking for a Pokémon Go guide to help you? We have some Pokémon Go tips and tricks you might want to try!!!

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Pokémon Go Tips and Tricks

CelebNTech247.com know that Pokémon Go is all the crazy so we have some tips and tricks to help you get through the game like a Pikachu.

As the world’s obsession with Pokémon Go and trying to “be the very best” continues to crescendo, you might have some questions about how to get started in this crazy game. How do you get to Pikachu Gold and more below.

1. Be aware of rustling grass

While in traditional Pokémon games you couldn’t wade through any long grass without being attacked by a barrage of Rattata, actually catching Pokémon is a lot trickier in Pokémon Go. Look out for rustling grass as you walk, as it’s the best indicator of a Pokémon wandering close by.

2. PokéStops in more popular areas are better

Checking in at PokéStops is a bit like tagging yourself on Facebook at various locations. You wouldn’t do it for your local corner shop, but you might for Trafalgar Square in London, the Eiffel Tower or the Taj Mahal – just for the bragging rights, right?

Well PokéStops, those blue triangular markers on the map, work in a similar way. Although you might get some useful items at the PokéStop down your road, heading to ones in well-known locations or busier city centres means you’re getting all the best kit.

Pokémon Go Tips and Tricks

3. You can still name your Pokémon

One of the fan-favourite features of traditional Pokémon games is that you can name your Pokémon. Well, don’t fear, because you can still do that in Pokémon Go.  You can either do it as soon as you catch your new Pokémon, or just go into the Pokémon section of the menu and edit your pocket monsters’ names there.

4. Don’t forget to trade in duplicates

There’s no point hoarding a load of the same Pokémon. If you want to level up or evolve your Pokémon faster, you should trade any duplicates you have back to Professor Willow. He’ll give you candy when you do, which are really important for evolving your Pokémon and nabbing yourself some powerful allies.

5. Collecting lots of the same Pokémon is actually important

For every Pokémon you catch you’ll be gifted three or so of that Pokémon’s particular flavour of candy. For example, you get three Pidgey candies per Pidgey, and another if you trade your Pidgey in to Professor Willow.  To evolve any Pokémon you’re going to have to feed them their specific candy type. So for a Pidgey to evolve to a Pidgeotto, it’s 12 Pidgey candies. But to evolve from Pidgeotto to Pidgeot, it’s a whopping 50 candies. Better start catching those Pidgeys.

It’s the same story for every Pokémon, but the amount of candy you’ll need varies per evolution.

Pokémon Go Tips and Tricks

6. And each Pokémon has different strength

Before you start trading in every Rattata you’ve ever collected, make sure you’re keeping the most powerful version in your pocket. Each Pokémon has a CP score above it, which makes a huge difference to how powerful it is.  Make sure to trade in the ones with a lower CP score, otherwise you’ll find yourself vastly outranked when you hit the gym.  You can use the candies you collect to boost a Pokémon’s CP score too, which is useful for the top evolutions.

7. Catching Pokémon is easier with AR turned off

Yes, yes, yes we know. This is an augmented reality (or AR) game – that’s the whole point. But, bear with us, because it’s actually easier to catch Pokémon with the AR turned off.  When you’ve found a new PokéFriend in the wild and you’re presented with the Pokéball throwing screen, hit the AR switch in the top right hand corner.

Instead of seeing the Pokémon in the world around you, you’ll get a generic computer-generated background instead. It keeps the Pokémon stilll, regardless of the turns and movements you make in real life. That allows you to get better aim and there’s less chance of you missing your target.

It’s extremely useful if you’re snapping up Pokémon on a bus, train or car (when not driving we might add). Plus, it’ll save your phone battery a little.

8. And the rarity is indicated by the rings

Well, that coloured ring actually indicates how difficult a Pokémon is to catch – and also it’s rarity.

  • Green = Easy to catch and common rarity
  • Orange = More difficult to catch and rarer to find
  • Red = Very difficult to catch and very rare

If you want to have the best chance of catching a ‘mon, you’re best to hold the Pokéball until the coloured ring is at its smallest and then flinging the Pokéball – that tip is straight from the developer Niantic too.

9. How to throw a Curve Ball

Another tip that makes it easier to snag a rare Pokémon is to use a Curve Ball throw. To do that, you hold your finger down on the Pokéball screen, then start making a circular motion with your finger. If you’re doing it right, the Pokéball should start spinning and emitting sparkles. Then comes the tricky part. You need to throw the Pokéball in the opposite direction to the way it’s spinning. If you do it right, the spin should make it arc right onto your Poké target.

Capturing a Pokémon using a Curve Ball nabs you additional XP and is much more likely to be successful.

Pokémon Go Tips and Tricks

10. How to pick your Pokémon Go team

When you hit level 5 and tap a Pokémon Gym, you’ll be asked to pick a team. There are three options – the yellow Team Instinct, the red Team Valour and the blue Team Mystic – but once you’ve chosen, there’s no going back.

Now, there’s actually no difference between the teams themselves, but you might want to double check a few things before you sign up.

  1. Firstly, if you want to play Pokémon Go with your mates – with multiplayer components apparently in the pipelines – you might want to be on the same, or an opposing team if you’re feeling competitive.
  2. Secondly, you might want to take into consideration the teams that are popular in your local area. You’ll probably see that one team is dominating the scene near you, so you might want to join them or try and overtake them by joining one of the underdogs.

Stay tuned for more tips and tricks…


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