PS4 Slim Details, Release Date + More

PS4 Slim Details, Release Date + More


With Christmas coming soon, the internet is a buzz with chatter of new consoles like the upcoming PS4 Slim Details. The PS4 Slim Details has a lot to offer diehard gamers!!!

Flip and get the details on the upcoming PS4 Slim Details…

PS4 Slim Details, Release Date + More has learned the following things you might want to know about the PS4 Slim Details since the buzz is at an all time high.

It’s rumoured to be one of two consoles that Sony unveils at its special PlayStation Meeting on September 7 – along with the 4K and VR-focused PS4 Neo.

Here’s that PS4 Slim unboxing video that’s making all the headlines:

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What does the PS4 offer gamers?

Basically everything a gamer wants when playing their favorite games.

When will the PS4 be available?

According to the chatter, the PS4 Slim could arrive as soon as September with the PS4 Neo following a month later in October. All in line with the launch of PlayStation VR.

How much is the Slim?

Roughly anywhere from $334.00 to $349.00 Sony originally launched the PS4 with a $349 price point, so we expect that the Slim will also retail around that price point.

What’s different with the PS4 Slim?

The main appeal of the PS4 Slim is in the name. It’s aimed at being the smaller, second generation PS4 model – and probably the cheaper alternative to the PS4 Neo, which will be all 4K, VR singing and dancing. It’s just thinner not smaller.

The PS4 Slim is also completely matte in looks, opting out of the two-tone, matte/gloss effect of the original. The only glossy part of the PS4 Slim is the PlayStation logo on the top.

You might also notice that the light bar on the PS4 Slim has totally disappeared too. Instead, it’s been replaced with a completely downsized status indicator light next to the power button, which we guess will perform the same functions as the original – indicating whether it’s on, in sleep mode or totally turned off – but in a much smaller capacity.

What does this console offer?

It still seems to feature the same limited 500GB hard drive, despite the Xbox One S’ push to 1TB and 2TB models.

The hard drive is removable though, although it seems as if it’s been moved to the rear of the console and is accessible by popping off a corner panel so you don’t void your warranty.

PS4 Slim relocates the hard drive access from the top of the console to the rear. You’ll find a little corner panel on the bottom right of the back that should pop right off, providing easy access without voiding your warranty.

PS4 Slim Details, Release Date + More

What about The Slim controllers?

A bit like the new Wireless Controller for the Xbox One S, the PS4 Slim seems to offer a slightly revamped controller design.

The most noticeable change is the slither of light bar that’s now visible on the touchpad at the front of the controller, allowing you to see the status of your lightbar without flipping the controller over or playing in a darkened room.

Does the PS4 support Playstation VR?

The idea is that the PlayStation VR, or PS VR, will be compatible with all existing PS4 models, and the same can be said for the PS4 Slim.

Just remember you’ll need to buy the PlayStation Camera too for it to work, and a pair of PlayStation Move controllers too if you want the complete immersive experience.

Take a look at the photo gallery of the new PlayStation Slim 4:


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