Self-Driving Cars are Here Says Tesla


The Future has arrived with Tesla Announcing a Fully Self-Driving Fleet. Elon Musk who is the CEO of Tesla broke ground Wednesday that self-driving cars is here!?!

Flip and find out what is going on with Tesla and their self-driving cars fleet…

Self-Driving Cars are Here Says Tesla

Elon Musk who is the CEO of Tesla broke ground Wednesday announcing that the hardware necessary to provide us self-driving cars is here. Their Model S, X, and upcoming Model 3 Sedans will be able to provide us with a car that can drive us safer that a human driver.

Have we just moved into the iRobot and Minority Report era with self-driving cars? What does that mean for the person who likes to drive his car? Will be forced to obey the speed limits? Will it help reduce car accidents or will this be another level of control for the government to watch us on the grid?

Too soon on the questions? Then lets ask this are we ready for Self-Driving Cars?

Well, USAToday reported that this will happen with the use of:

Eight surround cameras provide 360-degree visibility around the car at up to 250 meters of range. Twelve updated ultrasonic sensors complement this vision, allowing for detection of both hard and soft objects at nearly twice the distance of the prior system.

That constitutes full Level 5 autonomy, which doesn’t require any driver involvement.

The release said:

“A forward-facing radar with enhanced processing provides additional data about the world on a redundant wavelength, capable of seeing through heavy rain, fog, dust and even the car ahead,” the statement from Tesla said. “To make sense of all of this data, a new onboard computer with more than 40 times the computing power of the previous generation runs the new Tesla-developed neural net for vision, sonar and radar processing software. Together, this system provides a view of the world that a driver alone cannot access, seeing in every direction simultaneously and on wavelengths that go far beyond the human senses.”

Self-Driving Cars are Here Says Tesla

Additional information on Self-Driving Cars released show:

Tesla shares (TSLA) closed up 2% Wednesday, and trading was flat after hours.

Prior to the reveal, which Musk delayed from Monday, analysts speculated that the automaker could be unveiling an upgrade to its Autopilot system, which remains under investigation by federal regulators after recent crashes. Musk has said that his vehicles will be making significant leaps with regard to their self-driving abilities, specifically in the arena of computer vision capabilities.

This is so incredible and there is more as it is anticipated that there is a possible Tesla truck.

Tesla also announced its plans on working with Panasonic:

Tesla made news with an announcement earlier this week that it plans to collaborate with Panasonic on the production of photovoltaic cells and modules in Buffalo, N.Y., for solar panels, a move that could help bolster support for the electric car maker’s acquisition of rooftop solar provider SolarCity. A shareholder vote for the approval of that deal takes place on Nov. 17.

Panasonic is already a Tesla partner. It produces the small battery cells that fuel Tesla’s electric vehicles, and its engineers are working with Tesla employees at the company’s mushrooming Gigafactory outside Reno, Nev., to create a battery assembly line for future Tesla vehicles, thereby eliminating the need to take delivery from Japan.

It was reported that the Model 3 sedan will be priced at $35,000. We will have to keep our eyes open on more details as we approach the fully self-driving fleet by Tesla.

We have one last question. With virtual games, travel and outdoor sports, self driving cars and gadgets that keep us all sitting will we just become a civilization of fat f-cks like in the move Wall-E?

We will become completely oblivious on how to drive if something goes wrong and we need to take the wheel? The decline of Western Civilization is among  us all. Wake up

Technology is great, but so is living life experiences, NOT simulations. millenniums love to theorize, but that just produces a lazy society of what would it be like if?

Food for thought.

What are your thoughts on these cars?


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