The 5 Hottest New Aps For Your Phone

The 5 Hottest New Aps For Your Phone


These days Aps are on overload and society is wired in so to be ahead of the jacked in era you need to stay connect, so here are The 5 Hottest New Aps For Your Phone!!!

Find out the best new Aps to be wired in to your friends, family and that boyfriend mom and dad don’t approve on the flip…

Every week, we hunt through the various app stores, searching for new and popular apps and games to entertain ourselves and stimulate our minds.

Aps are those cool things we use to tune out, talk to friends, make pointless videos of ourselves, promote music, movies or even make out pets internet sensations. With that said, we all ask ourselves is that Ap cool, does it work and will  I love it?

Which Aps are the best for me?

Well this week, the Aps market has brought us dinosaurs, Reddit’s official apps, and more.

Here is the list of 5 Hottest New Aps For Your Phone:

The 5 Hottest New Aps For Your Phone

Lego Game:

There’s a Lego game for everything these days, and Jurassic World is one of the latest films to be re-visualized into the colorful building blocks. The iOS and Android game come a year after the official game was released, but it still packs the same features — notably the ability to relive all four Jurassic Park movies.

What’s better is that you can even prowl around Isla Nublar and Isla Sorna as dinosaurs. The game will set you back $5.The 5 Hottest New Aps For Your Phone


It has been a long-time coming, but Reddit finally launched its official iOS and Android app.

Now you can browse endless cat GIFs wherever you are. Although dozens of apps on iOS and Android offer the same type of content and present it in a better package, it’s great that Reddit finally made an app.

According to this long thread, Reddit plans to update the app with a lot of other features soon.

The 5 Hottest New Aps For Your Phone

The Miitomo Social Game:

Nintendo’s first foray into mobile apps is a bit of a weird one. The Miitomo social game lets you create a digital avatar and interact with others. You can then answer questions like, “What did you do last weekend.”

You can dress up your mii and play mini-games, but where it really shines is the ability to add friends in person and through social media networks. You can also take pictures with your mii in the frame.

There’s still not much else to do in the app, but it’s an interesting start for Nintendo in the app space.

Ever needed to get access to a file that’s only on your desktop at home or work?

Younity:The 5 Hottest New Aps For Your Phone

Younity is the app for you. It scans the files on your computer and syncs them with the Younity mobile app, allowing you to stream your music and videos, or access files and photos stored on your desktop or laptop.

The downside is that the laptop or computer you’re trying to access needs to be turned on and connected to the internet.

Younity is cross-platform compatible, so for example, you can access files from your Mac with your Android phone.

The 5 Hottest New Aps For Your PhoneMonospace Writer:

Monospace Writer is a minimal notes and writing app that offers “essentials-only formatting popup.”

That includes bold, italics, bullets, bold-italics, quotes, and more. The app is visually-appealing and is fairly simple to use.

There’s a dark and light theme, and you can organize your notes by simply adding a hashtag to the last line of a file — the app will take care of the rest.

You can also sync your notes to Dropbox and Google Drive or export them via Markdown.

Enjoy and lets us know what you think of these Aps and if you love them or not.

Do you have any of these Aps yet?


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