Tokyo Comic-Con BANS Male Cosplayers Dressing as Women

Tokyo Comic-Con BANS Male Cosplayers Dressing as Women


Men dressing as women is NOT that accepted everywhere in the world and one place you would think didn’t care does. Tokyo Comic-Con BANS Male Cosplayers Dressing as Women!!

Flip and find out why Tokyo Comic-Con BANS male Cosplayers dressing as as female characters…

Tokyo Comic-Con BANS Male Cosplayers Dressing as Women has just learned that Tokyo Comic-Con doesn’t want to see men cosplayers dressing up as female characters.

DigitalSpy reports:

The Japanese equivalent of San Diego Comic-Con states on its official website that men are forbidden from “crossplay”, but specific phrasing of the rules do not prevent women from dressing as men.

The site also stipulates rules which are common at conventions, such as prohibiting firearms and insisting that weapons go through security checks, but the banning of crossplay has raised eyebrows.

In western Comic-Con events it is a common occurrence, with many attendees choosing to re-imagine their chosen character as a different sex. A few months ago, we even collected a bundle of the best crossplays online.

Why Tokyo Comic-Con is BANNING Male Cosplayers Dressing as Women?

Naoko Tatibana, a Japanese photographer who works with the LBGT community commented on the wider practice of banning crossplay in Japan.

Tatibana explains:

“Despite all the exposure transsexuals and cross-dressers are given on TV and in magazines in Japan, men are forbidden from dressing up as the opposite sex at the one place you would think it would be most acceptable: cosplay events.” 

“Regardless of gender, cosplay is about transformation, which is why it presents so much possibility for cross-dressing.”

Though we’re not entirely trusting of Google Translate’s ability to render Japanese into English, the rules of Tokyo Comic Con seem to indicate that women and men will receive different colored registration cards, which will allow them access to the male or female dressing rooms and toilets.

London’s own Comic Con commences on October 28.

What do you think of the Tokyo Comic-Con BAN on Male Cosplayers?

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