Virgin Launches VIVID 200 Gamer


We just got word that Virgin Launches VIVID 200 Gamer, but what does any of this mean for gamers these days? According to Virgin, it means everything!?!

Flip and get the details on Virgin announcing VIVID 200 Gamer…

VIVID 200 Game has just got the inside track on the latest endeavor from Virgin, who just announced “VIVID 200 Gamer”, a tier of broadband above its current premium service that is designed to service the needs of online gamers.

What does all this mean?

Here is what is being reported by DigitalSpy:

The package promises to offer download speeds of 200Mbps and upload speeds of 20Mbps, which is impressive to say the least, but not that far off the company’s standard VIVID 200 package, for which the only perceivable difference is a slower upload speed of 12Mbps.

According to a super lengthy press release from Virgin, the package – which costs £5 a month more than the standard VIVID 200 package. It will offer “lower latency and enough bandwidth to still stream movies and download at the same time”.

Games actually transport very small packets of information to and from central servers – download and upload speeds are mostly of concern for online activities which involve high volumes of data such as streaming video or downloading files.

In order for games to run smoothly, the most important ingredient is to have a fast route between PC / Xbox One / PS4 and a server which is unimpeded.

Obstructions can occur in all sorts of places outside the home as connections are moved around and information is shunted from place to place. Essentially what you want is small packets of data travelling very fast.

Does VIVID 200 Gamer promise to deliver anything to improve this situation? Not really. Though it does offer some whopping scope for use of in-home bandwidth.

Gregor McNeil, Managing Director of Consumer at Virgin Media had this to say:

“We understand the frustrations when it comes to lag, disconnects and bandwidth issues, so right from the start we wanted to design a tier that builds on our superior connectivity to give gamers and streamers what they need.”

It’s quite possible that the service will improve online performance for those who make heavy use of their internet connection. Checkout this video of The Bolt it might help to understand what Virgin is trying to become.

VIVID 200 Gamer launches on September 1.


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