Zunum Aero’s Hybrid-Electric Planes Transforming Flight in 2022

Zunum Aero’s Hybrid-Electric Planes Transforming Flight in 2022


If you thought the CityAirbus Taxi was crazy cool, then you’re gonna love the Zunum Aero’s Hybrid-electric planes which plan to transform flight in 2022.

In 2022, flying is going to be on another level. Seattle’s Zunum Aero wants to be at the forefront in changing the consumer passenger flight industry. Read on about Zunum Aero’s Hybrid-Electric Planes

Zunum Aero’s Hybrid-Electric Planes Transforming Flight in 2022

If you thought LYFT and UBER were changing the face of public transportation, wait until you hear about Zunum Aero’s Hybrid-Electric Planes.

In a few more years, the consumer passenger flight could be the next industry that’s transformed by electric power planes.

Zunum Aero’s Hybrid-Electric Planes Details:

Seattle’s Zunum Aero is backed by Boeing’s HorizonX fund and Jet Blue’s Technology Ventures. They have a plan to change the fundamental economics of regional flight. Zunum Aero wants to shift the economics of air travel on a path towards eventual fully electric flight.

Are you still with us? OK, then here are Zunum Aero’s plans:

Zunum Aero’s plan to make this happen starts with its first launch aircraft, a vehicle it revealed in full detail today, after sharing some information earlier this year. The first Zunum aircraft is designed for regional service, with seating for 12 passengers and a delivery window starting in 2022.

The potentially game-changing tech will operate with an expense of around $260 per hour for the aircraft.

Here are the bonuses to the Zunum Aero Hybryd Planes:

  • They have a max cruise stepped of 340 miles per hour in the air
  • A take-off distance of 2,200 feet
  • Their total hybrid-electric range of 700 miles (which it hopes to scale to over 1,000 in time)
  • The Zunum Aero Hybryd Planes have 80 percent lower noise and emissions vs. traditional regional planes.
  • Zunum is position its airplane as the perfect way to light up under-utilized regional airports across the U.S.
  • These planes will provide affordable and efficient commuter flights where economic realities have made running regular service impractical.

Zunum Aero CEO Ashish Kumar said to Tech Crunch:

“In the past, very intentionally, we were quiet about operating costs, because it’s just shockingly low what you can get with an electric. So that you can get an aircraft of a size that could never compete with an airliner that can get you below commercial fares. That’s about one-tenth the operating cost of a business jet per hour.”

Basically, Kumar put the cost per seat operating expenses at around 8 cents per mile. Kumar mapped over 5,000 airports in the U.S. that are currently operating far under capacity. He explained that Zunum’s goal is to change the face of air transport by maximizing the efficacy of this existing infrastructure.

Would you fly in a Zunum Aero Hybryd Plane?

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